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P A U L  A L T Y

Award winning lighting designer, composer & visual artist

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Genre-spanning, non-conformist sounds

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Cinematic Storytelling

The Behind The Clock series of albums is an epic journey from Earth across time and space telling a story of life, death, time and space and our place in the universe. Blending science and science fiction, Behind The Clock 1, 2 and 3 takes you on a journey like you've never known.

Other cinematic storytelling comes in the form of Oloswave; a 17 track album following a little satellite across the cosmos that's in search of the elusive Oloswave.

Audio Art Soundscapes

Paul has composed several installation and audio art soundscapes to accompany his epic multimedia installations.

Paul has performed at Tate Liverpool as part of their Imagined Museum exhibition where Victor Grippos' 'Energy of a Potato' was replaced with a seven minute audio memory.

Paul's audio soundscapes are surreal, organic and formed from field recordings, samples and synthesized sounds and effects.

Nocturnal Electronica

Paul is hugely influenced by the electronic dance music scene and stealing influences from the many varied dance genres of progressive house, techno and trance, Paul produces his own brand of nocturnal electronica.

Paul has several releases under this style, Nocturnal, Fractals, Infuturo, Skyline, Pulse, Elements, Explorers and Songs for S.I.M.O.N parts 1 and 2.

These releases all nod to something deeper. Far from generic dance, these tracks are emotional. They have feeling.

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Paul's music is available on all major download and streaming services; search, 'Paul Alty.'

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Award winning lighting designer

Paul has lit theatre, dance and live music across a variety of venues and unusual spaces, from small live music venues, to ships and large concert arenas.

Paul has many repeat clients, reliant not only on his lighting design expertise but wider control of all technical functions.

He won the Stand Lighting National Lighting Design Award for his design on, 'A Rock'n'Roll Midsummer Nights Dream.'


Paul is unashamedly a fan of bold, saturated colours, strong shapes and angles and creating texture and mood that compliments the performance.

Paul is at home equally with a dimmer rack full of parcans or several DMX universes of moving fixtures and triggering several hundred cues.

And having been technical director and producer of many events, Paul understands the workings of theatre and live events to forensic detail.


Emotion. Lighting is a visual art, it can compliment or it can stand alone, but like any picture or visual, a delicate touch can create and enhance emotion and feeling.

Paul is very sensitive to exploiting emotion in performance, from soft subtle hues and the red-shift warmth of tungsten to huge adrenaline-filled beam fans sweeping through an audience of a pop concert, it's all in a days work.

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Creative studio producing immersive, multi-sensory lighting and sound installations


Paul sees sounds and hears colours. Known as synthesia, Paul's lighting work is dictated by the colours of music and the shapes of spoken word.

When composing music and soundscapes, these are always accompanied by a visual in his head. Sometimes there is no visual or it's not clear enough and that is when the music is resigned to a hard drive and doesn't see the light of day.


Merging lighting design and musical composition in highly creative, surreal and rule breaking imagination, Paul is stepping out from the darkness of the lighting desk or solitude of his studio to create venue-filling multimedia installations. 

His creative studio uses lasers and projectors and other visual effects, accompanied by unique soundtracks. Paul's artistic offerings deal with complex time, space and natural world concepts but in a beautiful, visual experience.


Paul's multimedia pieces can be enjoyed on many levels and as a result, appeal to a wide audience. They are a visual treat to sit and absorb. Or read the story, grasp the underlying science or contemplate the theology...or lose yourself in the surreal melting pot of everything where science and science fiction blur into a dream illuminated by lasers.

Paul's works are highly adaptive and can be re-worked to be site specific.

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Black Hole - End of Time

An audio and laser installation.

Black Hole - End of Time is a multimedia extension to the story of Behind The Clock. The piece is a black hole, floating in space, in this case, a church. A foreboding soundtrack accompanies the performance, with lasers providing a striking visual and 'accretion disc' around the black hole.

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